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Fashionable, trendy and stylish hand bags, purses, are my passion. I like to buy new bags, as well as read about new trends and fashion.

My husband hates this hobby of mine, because it’s expensive! Duuh! But I know I’m worth it ūüôā and he knows too.

Today I decided I want to start writing about my favorite bags. Why not? So here you will find my reviews and comparisons of different trendy brands!

My favorite blogs about purses are and and I highly recommend them to you too!

Whether you’re asking a question of “why brands like Gucci, Birkin, Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags are so freaking expensive?” or just looking to compare the more “down to earth” common bags like¬†Liebeskind,¬†Michael Kors,¬† Lacoste and¬†Clutch bags, you’ve come to a right place.

On my blog, I will review recent trends and share my opinion on particular types of bags that I both tried myself, or had my friends using them. Please subscribe to my news feed!

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