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Dakine Bags for active lifestyle

The Dakine Bags are durable for active people

I know, Dakine is not one of the most famous bag brands out there today. However, the brand is more about real life reliability and durability of their products rather than it is about reputation. Dakine bags have been designed for those with an active kind of lifestyle. They are mostly designed for adventurous women willing to try out something new once in a while. However, they also have some trends for the urban folk. Some of the Dakine top picks include:

Dakine Bicolor Clutch – If you are looking for a sizeable clutch bag to carry around from one occasion to the other, then this is the bag for you. The Dakine Bicolor Clutch bag comes fully equipped with a wrist strap that makes it very easy to carry around. In as far as functionality is concerned, this bag is somewhere at the top of the list as it is visibly spacious and quite easy to carry around even in the busiest of settings. You do not need to strain yourself all through the party holding it by hand, simply let it swing and enjoy your perambulations.

great Dakine quality clutch bag



Dakine Polyester Laptop Bag – This one is for the busy working class ladies who have to carry around their laptops or tablets. It is the kind of bag that corporate women would love to have in their wardrobes. The bag is big enough to carry a laptop but stile stylish enough to pass off as a rather sizeable clutch bag. It is the kind of bag that lets you camouflage in the urban forest.

strong bag for your laptop safety!



Dakine Bicolor Wallet – We save the smallest for last! This polyester wallet has been designed to serve as your everyday carry along without the need to regularly clean it. It is highly dirt resistant not only due to the polyester, but also due to its dark color shades. It is also very functional with multiple card slots and enough space to squeeze in your phone as well as fashion accessories.  

my favorite wallet


And what would you recommend for an active woman, share your experiences with Dakine products. Do you think they are worth it, and do not disappoint as the most sturdy bags and wallets? Let me know what’s your favorite brand for an active lifestyle woman, which bags and purses do you prefer over Dakine or Lacoste products, which are also known to last longer than competitors, because of the overall strong build quality and good materials.