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Clutch vs. Minaudiere: Which One Should You Choose?

Clutch vs. Minaudiere:

Which One Should You Choose?

There is no denying that the Minaudiere is a thing of beauty. Everything about it oozes of grandeur including its pronunciation. Usually, they are encrusted with different kinds of gems and pearls to give them that classy, shiny look. Their shape resembles that of a huge spectacles case which explains why most people refer to them as “box clutches”.  However, there is more to this title since it is difficult to tell them apart from ordinary clutch bags. It is safe to describe the Minaudiere as a cousin to the clutch bag. However, the two have are different in several ways as detailed in this article.

The clutch differs from the Minaudiere in terms of size and functionality. Although both are held by hand, the latter is strictly used as an accessory. Rather than help you carry your essentials around, the Minaudiere is meant to compliment your attire during very special occasions. It is because of this that the bag is usually encrusted in rather shiny elements that give it a more royal-like kind of elegance. It makes no sense carrying the Minaudiere to a night out at your home pub. However, depending on the choice of clutch, you can comfortably carry one to the club be it on a Monday or Saturday, in jeans or a dress. In essence, the clutch goes well with practically anything.

Additionally, the two vary when it comes to their designs. The ‘box clutch’ is exactly that a box-shaped clutch bag. On the other hand, clutches tend to have a variety of designs which allow them to have a more spacious interior. This variety allows the clutch to have a high degree of functionality in addition to serving as an accessory when need be. It is up to you on the kind of clutch to carry with each variation used to compliment a specific look. Unless you have been invited to the royal wedding, the clutch is a more viable option for the everyday stylish lady compared to its cousin, the Minaudiere.