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Stylish Diaper Bags exist!

diaper bags can also be stylish

Motherhood does not necessarily mean letting go of your fashion sense. With stylish diaper bags, it is very possible for one to fashionably adapt to their newly found responsibilities. Below are some diaper bags that will allow you to raise your kid in impeccable fashion.

  • Olivia + Joy Diaper Bag: Olivia + Joy offer you with a highly functional bag. With regards to its style, the bag is rather plain although its design is very appealing. This bag is intended to give trendy mums that fashionable look and still take care of all their baby needs. However, it does more than that as its rather unique appeal adds on to your fashion sense. The bag has a closure as well as multiple pockets that allow mums to properly organize all their baby’s belongings when on the move. This silhouette is made of nylon which implies that it is water resistant. For a diaper bag, this is a major plus given the usual contents of such bags.
  • Coach Blue Diaper Bag: At first glance, this bag looks nothing like a diaper bag. This makes it the ideal option for fashion lovers looking to blend in. This is where fashion meets functionality. In fact, the bag can easily pass of as a tote for your everyday errands. It comes with golden hardware that complements its blend of blue and brown. At the end of the day, this bag makes for the ideal disguise to be used by mothers looking to maintain their fashion appeal.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag: Do not let the long name fool you; this diaper bag is one of a kind! Not only is it dainty, but also cute. Just like the coach blue bag, its unique appeal allows it to pass as a regular tote bag whenever one is not using it as a diaper bag. It is made out of cotton which makes it perfect for those mother and child summer or spring outings.